We hope you all are having a wonderful summer. We have planned one more fun summer field trip. Be sure and sign-up if you would like to. You may sign-up by emailing or calling Joann. 

July 19, Tuesday: For our midsummer field trip, we have scheduled tours of three beautiful gardens in Eglon owned by garden club members Lenore and Don Lynch (see photo left); Lisa and Glenn Eastep (see photo below); and Leela Menon and Charles Wilsenach. Each garden is unique reflecting the owner’s design and horticultural skill.

The tour will start at 10 am with specific directions to follow in direct emails to all who sign up by email or phone.

This field trip is free and should offer a sunny morning outdoors with friends. 

Joann Ater for the Field Trip Committee: Lenore Lynch, Maia Eisen, Deborah Olson, Karen Lemagie, and Nancy Minahan


Click here to see Photos from the latest garden tour.


Welcome to the 2022 FJGC Scholarship Awards. We are pleased to recognize our scholarship recipients. Our students have continued to work hard under challenging situations to continue their educations. They have planned for their futures in disciplines that match our interests at FJGC. Your generosity has allowed us to identify and reward 5 students. We had more applications than money, isn’t that often the case, but the committee has chosen the following five to award this year

Lea Danhauer

Lea Danhauer will be graduating from Kingston High School and attending Azusa Pacific majoring in Landscaping, Music and Horticulture. She is learning horticulture skills working in Hansville gardens.

Jonah Holmes

Jonah Holmes graduates from North Kitsap High School, participated in Running Start, and will be attending Brigham Young University, majoring in Biology. Jonah also managed his own landscaping business during high school.

Sam Decker


Sam Decker will graduate from Kingston HS and attend University of Washington majoring in Bioengineering, Plant Biology and Environmental. Sam has extensive experience is horticulture during his high school years. He designs and maintains drought tolerant gardens; has a summer position at Windcliff Nursery; hosts presentations about plants suitable for the Pacific Northwest at garden clubs, schools and community centers. Do you remember Sam from FJGC?

Claire Moe


Claire Moe, from Kingston High School will be attending Colorado College majoring in Environmental Studies. Claire participated in in a Youth Corp internship with Jefferson Land Trust where each day the group visited trust reserves to remove invasive species.

Ethan Walmsley

Ethan Walmsley from Kingston High School will be attending Western Washington University in the fall. He joined the Horticulture Club in Kingston Middle School, served as president and was responsible for a plant sale to the community by the club.

All of these students showed excellent academic performance, engage in community activities with a “giving back” mentality while working toward personal goals. We are proud to include these students in the FJGC extended family. We hope you’ll meet our scholarship recipients at the June luncheon.

Thanks to our committee Janet Stout, Nancy Peregrine, BryAnn Bingham, Margaret Adams, Joanne Atar and Karen Lemagie for their enthusiastic participation.

Judy Tallman


The board needs your support to continue the business of the club. As of today, we have not received the minimum 99 yes votes to amend our Bylaws. (We currently have 148 members)

If the wording has been confusing, or the descriptions unclear, these changes allow the board/club the ability to conduct the business of the club if in-person meetings are not being held. 

There are only 3 questions:

  1. Dues: There is no change in the amount of dues. The change only reinstates how dues were historically collected each year. For example: If an individual wants to join in FJGC in April or May, they pay $25.00, and that amount would be credited toward the following years dues.
  2. Meetings: This gives the President/Board the flexibility of calling a special meeting or requesting a vote of the board or membership prior to the next scheduled meeting.
  3. Continuation of Business: This adds four sections that further define how the board may continue to conduct business in the absence of in-person meetings.

Please take a minute to complete your vote HERE! If you have questions, please call, or email me! 

Jane Ritley

The following proposed Bylaw changes are hereby presented to the membership in writing and will be voted on at the June 8, 2022 meeting. Proposed changes will also be posted in the next electronic newsletter to club members.
(Previous versions of Article III: Members)
Adopted 2011:
Section 3. The amount of dues shall be determined by the membership and payable in June. Dues paid subsequent to April 1 shall be applied to the following year.
Adopted 2018:
Section 3. The amount of dues shall be determined by the membership and payable in June. Individuals joining between March and June shall pay prorated dues of $15.00. Individual members joining between May and June shall pay prorated dues of $10.00. Couples joining between March and June shall pay prorated dues of $20.00 and couples joining between May and June shall pay prorated dues of $15.00 This proration shall apply to both individuals and couples.
Proposed Bylaw Amendments:
Section 3. The schedule of dues shall be proposed by the board and voted on by the membership. Dues paid on or after April 1 shall be applied to the following club year.

Section 5. The President may call a special meeting of the executive board, or the membership if necessary.
Section 6. If a vote is needed on an item before the next scheduled meeting, the President may poll the board or request the membership be polled thru electronic communication.

Continuation of Business under Extraordinary Circumstances
Section 1. Extraordinary circumstances may include a pandemic, natural disaster, or other unforeseen circumstances where normal business and meetings of the club are disrupted.
Section 2. Essential business of the club may be conducted by the Executive Board using common methods of communication with the membership. Commonly used communication methods include the U.S. Postal Service, and electronic communication such as newsletters, e-mail, online surveys, and on-line voting.
Section 3. Executive Board Meetings held with one or more participants attending by telephone conference call, or other interactive means of conducting conference communications, constitute meetings where valid decisions may be made. The quorum for conducting the business of the Board of Directors shall be a simple majority.
Section 4. To the extent permitted by law and these bylaws, business transacted by electronic communication or by mail will be included in the minutes of the next meeting.
NOTE: There will likely be additional Bylaw changes/updates during the next club year.
Jane Ritley 5-12-22


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