Past president Sara Nawrot got an early start on fall. She fell September 8 and broke a leg. After surgery she is recovering for two months at Northwoods Lodge, 2321 NW Schold Place in Silverdale.

I heard the cement impression workshop Peppe and Gayle put on was amazingly well organized and fun!


Martha Pendergast 


Gail Mitchell had a very nice talk with Larry Hilberg. He’s doing as well as expected and dealing with

Marcia Hilberg

mounds of paperwork. Marcia had undetected stomach cancer which developed rapidly because it was so advanced. She decided not to have chemo. She was buried in Beatrice, Nebraska, along with three generations of her family. He is having a memorial service for her on October 14th at Silverdale Lutheran Church, at 10:30am followed by lunch. The address is 11701 Ridgepoint Dr. NW. Telephone 360.692.9263.

Larry asked that I contact the club so that any who wanted to could come to the service. Larry doesn’t do anything on the computer so if you need to contact him, just call 360-779-2502.


On October 5, Martha Pendergast will open her garden to members of the FJGC for tour and social time outside. This is a unique opportunity to spend time with our President and enjoy her fall-blooming flowers and beautiful view.

You may register by emailing Joann Ater. These field trips are free to FJGC members.

Joann Ater for the Field Trip Committee: Lenore Lynch, Deborah Olson, Maia Eisen, Karen Lemagie, and Nancy Minahan



The Garden Art Committee is looking for items for the May garden sale. As you are sorting through your garden/yard/house and find things that you are not loving like you use to, bring them to the Oct. 12 meeting. We’ll give them TLC and get them ready for the next person to enjoy. A donation box will be sitting on the wall as you go into the meeting. We can also arrange to pick items up if you call or email.

Sandy Bruhn & Peppe Christianson


The sale will be held at the November 9th meeting. Each participant will be responsible for setting up, taking down and managing the table and money. We will each donate 15% of sales to the garden club.

For questions or more information contact: Cassie Compton


Save the Date: Monday, November 14, 2022 — 10-Noon: arrange your own car pool and lunch.

FUSED ART WORKSHOP at Eastern WindGlass Studio

2604 Burwell Street, Bremerton, WA 98312, website:

12 participants per session (another session can be added Tuesday, November 15 if waiting list warrants)


Two — 12-inch by 3-inch garden stakes with pointed end – including glass dots &/or stringers for $45.00 (one to be donated to the May Garden Art Sale). Photo left.


Two — 4-Square (squares 4 inches by 4 inches) Wind-spinners (20-inches total length) – including glass dots and/or stringers for $65 (one to be donated to May Garden Art Sale). Photo right.

Advance Non-refundable payment required. Cash or Check made out to Eastern Wind Glass LLC

Sign up sheet at October 12 meeting

Questions? Contact Workshop Co-Chairs:

Gayle Fulton & Peppe Christianson 

SEED SWAP — Tips and Guidelines

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