May 9, 2022

Yesterday, May 8th, one of our members who worked as a cashier at the Garden Sale tested positive for COVID and was admitted to the hospital due to underlying health concerns. The member has not felt terribly sick and was released from the hospital today and is at home.

Cashiers and some additional members were alerted last evening so they could take precautions they determined to be in their best interest. We want all members to be safe and healthy, and we will continue to exercise caution at our meeting on Wednesday. We encourage all members to prioritize their own health regarding meeting attendance.

Important meeting:
A Zoom link is not available to us for the May 11th meeting. Because this meeting will be full of important information, we will do our best to convey meeting information as soon as possible by posting minutes on our website for any members unable to attend the meeting.

A glimpse of the May 11th agenda:
–Future of Flotsam and Jetsam Garden Club
–Next year’s board
–Bylaw change proposal
–Garden Sale results
–June luncheon
And don’t forget the great speaker with information about gardening with arthritis.

Thank you all for the phenomenal effort put forth for the Garden Sale!! What an amazing club! You all deserve T-shirts or mugs or better yet an exotic vacation after surviving the buckets of rain and the unimaginable hailstorm! Our Garden Sale Co-Directors, Marina Huggins-Dye and Cynthia McCullough were super-stars with their months of work and organization! And the set-up and clean-up crew went above and beyond! All equipment and tables had to be put inside to dry out before being cleaned. They all showed up on Mother’s Day to finish the task. Unbelievable!

As always, please send me an email if you have any questions or suggestions.

With immense appreciation and admiration,


Jane Ritley, President



 I want to thank everyone who helped with the mad scramble to pack up the sale. It was all-hands-on-deck and everybody stepped up. Couldn’t do it without every one of you!
We are missing a pop-up canopy that we used in the garden sale that belongs to GHCC and we were left with a damaged one. If you brought a canopy to the sale, please make sure that the canopy you brought home is the correct one. 

Please contact MJ Strahm.
Take a look at Lisa Eastep’s garden sale photos on the scrapbook page. She has such a gift for capturing the moment!


On April 27, sixteen FJGC members traveled to Bremerton and toured the Albers Vista Garden. Dr. Albers was generous with both his time and sharing his extensive knowledge about horticulture. It was a beautiful day of and friendship.

OUR NEXT TOUR will tentatively be of local members gardens Wednesday June 1. The theme will be high bank gardens and views. More information will be provided at the next meeting.

Joann Ater for the Field Trip committee: Lenore Lynch, Deborah Olson, Maia Eisen, and Nancy Minahan

We are back! Check out our new meeting and Garden Sale pictures on the Scrapbook pages

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