Northwest Flower & Garden Festival

Starting Friday, November 25 the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival is offering 50% off the at the door price! Use discount code GREENFRIDAY to get your tickets to the Festival for just $13 – that’s half off the Box Office price! Buy your tickets NOW.

Don’t miss the best price of the entire year! This sale only happens once a year and is only valid until Monday, November 28 at 11:59 p.m.




The gala holiday luncheon payment of $15 is due by 12/7/2022. Please send your checks to FJGC, PO Box 14, Hansville 98340. The menu includes: honeycrisp salad, roasted stuffed pork loin with rosemary glaze, or vegetarian ravioli; green beans almondine with rustic bread; and pumpkin crunch cake for dessert from cooks Chuck Strahm and Rick Mackey. We start at 11:30 with sparkling drinks. Please note on your check if you want the ravioli option.


The final spend the dots tally came in with 233 votes cast by 77 2/3 people. Not sure about that, but I think the 78th person failed to spend their last dot. In order of priority: speakers garnered 26%; garden sale 20%; garden tours 17%workshops 12%; scholarships and grants 12% (18 votes 16 in favor of more money, 1 less money, and 1 neutral).


Ordering starts for the Kitsap Conservation District native plant sale on December 1, 2022 It’s such a deal for adding to your garden or potting up for the garden sale.


Speaking of workshops, a shout out to Peppe and Gayle for organizing the fused glass workshops in Bremerton. I do not consider myself a creative person but I plugged away at it for a third time doing this. There is something about sharing this kind of playtime with friends that inspires one to try something new. Here is one of my before fusion stakes. Our members created lovely colorful stakes and spinners.


Frederick Branchflower has arranged another wreath making workshop at Bainbridge Gardens for December 7 from 9 – 11 for up to eight people. The cost for the ring begins at $10. Bring your own greens or buy greens at Bainbridge Gardens. Reserve your spot by emailing

Martha Pendergast


There’s still time! If you’d like to donate to our philanthropy drive, you can mail your check to PO Box 14, Hansville 98340. Please write “Philanthropy” on the memo line so that your donation goes to the right account.

Thank you on behalf of the committee and the community groups you are supporting!
Anne Johnson


Some of us may still be busy putting our flower beds to sleep, raking leaves up and putting pots away. Just a simple reminder that now is a good time to separate some of those perennials, as they may need ‘breathing’ room for next season’s growth. Pot those babies up and set them aside in a protected area of
your yard. Hopefully, they will develop strong roots and be ready as nice additions to the Plant Sale!

Barbara Myers, as in the past, has provided an area to store the club’s potting soil to help you in this endeavor. If you notice the soil supply getting low, please contact me.

There is a need for someone to head the Procurement Committee to help keep track of members who have such items as mentioned above, help them where needed and keep track of said plants to report to the Director(s). If you are that person, contact me and I will help you get started.

Thank you once again for all your efforts and your contributions!
Fondly yours,
Marina Huggins Dye (Director)

In this issue we introduce a new feature:
Member Mini Biographies

Sandra & Roger Larsen, FJGC members since 2005  — Only a snippet!

In 1959 Sandra and Roger were attending U of W. They met thru mutual friends and somehow College wasn’t that important anymore. So much for the degrees in nutrition and fisheries. Wonder if that would have lasted 63 years? Their birthdays are within a week of each other, so far that week, Sandra is the old lady (she said that, I didn’t). There was once they had a disagreement. She threw a plate at him and he caught it and then said to her, “Don’t you ever do that again!” and she didn’t. They bought some property in the Shoreline area and Roger’s dad began building a house for them. With the help of many family members, they moved in 2-1/2 years later in1967. Sandra’s folks bought property off Foul Weather Bluff and built a summer cabin, which is still there. When Sandra and Roger retired,they built their home on Twin Spits Road in 2001. You can almost reach out and put your feet in the water from the rocking chair in their living room. While Roger’s father was an engineer, he was a master at fixing clocks..any clock… ”Larsen Clocks and Nautical Instruments” was their business. They toured the original factory in Boston for Chelsea Clocks ( reference The Ghost & Mrs. Muir movie). They raised three children, the oldest now retired…Sandra says that’s a shock). Both of Norwegian descent, their families sent coffee and sugar to Norway to their Grandparents family during WWII. Once the war was over, a box arrived from Norway full of hand-carved wooden pieces and hand knitted sweaters in thanks. The love of gardening was passed down through the family. She continues to write of her family history and entertaining children’s stories (they’re wonderful). They have traveled the world, from Alaska to New Zealand, more than they ever dreamed possible Sandra told me. You might want to ask her about the moose in Boston or the fields of Rye in Scotland. I could go on….Sandra has nothing to say but wonderful things about every place they traveled to. That’s just the way she is!

Sherry Pollard

before & after


The Garden Art Committee is looking for items for the May garden sale. As you are sorting through your garden/yard/house and find things that you are not loving like you use to, bring them to the November 9 meeting. We’ll give them TLC and get them ready for the next person to enjoy. A donation box will at the entrance as you go into the meeting. We can also arrange to pick items up if you call or email. Sandy will be out of town November & December chasing the sun.

Sandy Bruhn & Peppe Christianson, co-chairs


Start saving your seeds for a fun seed swap event at our January meeting. We will provide coin envelopes with labels for you to fill out. Bring in your collected heirloom or commercial seeds to give away to other garden club members or share dahlia or other tubers and starts. Everyone can play. Please read the tips and guidelines link on our website at

For tips on how to save seeds click on the following link

Questions? Contact: MJ Strahm with co-conspirators Susan Harrington or Brooke Luehmann

SEED SWAP — Tips and Guidelines

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